Thursday, October 20, 2022

A dark day at 11Alive...

Employees at WXIA-TV 11Alive have rolled with some pretty heavy punches -- salary reductions and unpaid furloughs -- in the hopes of avoiding the kind of out-and-out bloodbath that has taken place in other newsrooms. "Others sucked it up and took the hit so as not to massacre their ranks," an insider tells me -- while the company has continued to make money. So, there is understandable shock and dismay throughout the building today over news of the sudden departure of newsroom veteran Cal Callaway. No, he didn't die -- it just seems that way to everybody else who is still there... And, of course, folks understandably are wondering if this is just the beginning of a nightmarish purge and who is next. A true "stand up" guy, Cal climbed the ranks from assistant assignment editor to eventually become the station's very popular news director, but he was replaced about a year ago. With characteristic good spirit, he remained on board in another position and continued, as always, to give WXIA his all. His departure is a loss for 11Alive in ways management can not even begin to imagine.


  1. So true. When they lose a Cal Callaway, they are losing the foundation of what still matters in that newsroom. Everything is changing. I get that. But keep what (and who) still works, still matters, still does real news. I'm so sad about this, eventhough I'm not there anymore. Yet, life goes on and Cal will be great at whatever he does now.

  2. Thank you for posting on here, Kay. I am just sick about it, too... even though I have been gone a lot longer than you have. Cal is one of the most competent and dedicated people I've ever worked with in a newsroom, but obviously that doesn't matter.

    I wonder if the newsrooms of Atlanta -- not just 11Alive -- realize that in a fairly short period of time, they have transformed truly loyal employees into a large group of people who fear and despise the company and the people they are working for?

  3. Cal was nothing but good for that place. The minute I found out he was gone, I decided to pull them off my DVR list.

    Aside from the ridiculous caricature of news people they're becoming, that stupid "Brady Bunch" shot with the entire morning news gang on the screen all at once is way too much for me.

    Sorry gang, y'all are history in my book.

  4. Well that least Cal won't have to go through the ensuing hell that is about to engulf 11Alive on life support News. Probably the best thing for him....he won't have to look at the people left behind.
    Cal,if you're reading this, look me up....I owe you lunch.